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RFS Administrators (Pty) Ltd is an authorized Financial Service Provider licensed by The Financial Services Conduct Authority in terms of the FAIS Act. License Number 44151.. RFS Administrators offers a unique administration system for retirement/pension funds, financial intermediaries and consultants. Regardless of the industry or its location, clients can benefit from its skill and experience. The administration system offers complete flexibility, which includes choice of individual contribution, risk cover and investment. Through its extensive experience, RFS Administrators has developed a streamlined process, which ensures that claims are settled quickly, effectively and professionally. Each client receives personal attention in the form of an individual client service manager who handles all facets of each client’s portfolio.

RFS Administrators has position themselves In the retirement industry to deliver direct investment services to clients based on the investment allocation advised by the certified investment consultant of the client.

Instead of paying excessive platform fees charged by investment managers, RFS Administrators can deliver the platform service at a reduced rate to clients. By utilising this service the investment consultant has direct access to choose the investment portfolios to investment in that suite the growth requirements of the client.

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