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Mastering employment relationships

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February 21, 2020
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March 2, 2020

For a business to grow, it is ideal to remember that your team consists of more than just you and your needs. An employment relationship is where the employer remunerates and employee for the services they have provided towards the business. If the employer is receiving a business that grows their business significantly, and the employee is receiving monetary gain together with professional growth, why does this relationship end?

Other than life events like moving away, switching careers or going back to studying, the decision to quit is influenced by external factors. That is why employers and managers should engage the employees on an emotional level. Have their needs been met? Are they happy? Are their career development and management relationship beneficial to them? Retaining employees does not always mean rewarding raises and although that is enough to make anyone smile, employees want to feel valued.

How are you doing, boss?

Not to say the boss must be friends with the staff, in fact, that would be mixing business with pleasure. The relationship between the two must be healthy and conducive though. The boss is the one who envisions the business’ success and expressing this openly to employees will put them on the same page, easing the need for you to micromanage due to lack of trust.

  • Have continuous one-on-one meetings and general conversations with employees
  • Take action on promises given

Not this… again

Passionate employees will always give their best because it is the time for them to showcase what they’ve got. Repetitive and unchallenging tasks drive employees out the door in search of what will fulfil them during most of their day. Employees want to feel like they are making a difference and how can that be if everything else is the same?

  • Ask them to contribute to projects, instead of just delegating to them
  • Put something new on their plate to break the routine

Oh wow, you’re good!

A little appreciation goes a long way, and while lack of gratification isn’t the force driving employees out the door, it could be the final straw that motivates it. An employee who is trusted with a copious amount of work well beyond the scope of their title will not stay or be empowered if they are under-noticed and underpaid. Effort recognition boosts morale and commitment.

  • If they’re underperforming, let them know so that they can improve

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